How to Get Backlinks - Boost your Ranking and Flex your Authority?

How to Get Backlinks - Boost your Rankings and Flex your Authority?
Does your site need more Backlinks to Boost your Rankings and Flex your Authority? Backlinks are one of the top-ranking factors for search engines like Google but beware because not all backlinks are created equal. Links for low-quality websites or spamming sources can actually hurt you. To understand why some backlinks are better than others. 

  Need to know why backings are so influential in the first place.  

Google's number one goal is to deliver results that accurately answer your questions. Who wants to type in shoes for sale and get a bunch of pages about tennis records? No one. Not only does Google want your results to be relevant, but also the high quality when you type in shoes for sale, Google wants. To give you the most trusted online shops now, you're probably wondering how search engines determine if a website is trustworthy.

Tell Google hey look, these two websites like each other. So if the referring website has a high domain authority, it will also benefit your rankings. But if the website is spammy it can hurt your rankings.

What Backlinks are, How to give them for.

First, try building out brand signals with social media profiles. This can be as easy as posting a link from your Facebook or Twitter profile back to your site.

Furthermore, being active on social media and on your website will show Google that you're active, which helps your SEO. And just like on social media, the more shares you get to better it takes time. In commitment to setting up multiple social media accounts. get you started.

  Guest Blogging  

Our second tip is guest blogging. It's an effective link-building strategy used by all marketers. You'll search for websites similar to yours with high domain authority and reach out to them to write a blog. The blog will then link back to your site. Your post should be informative and of high quality.


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  It's also a good idea to go higher on the word count. Longer form content ranks better on Google.  

One word of advice will give you is to not awkwardly and include a link within a guest blog. Backlinks also need to be added naturally. Some editors will actually take the link out or reject your article altogether if they see this happening.


The third way to get more backlinks is by creating and sharing an infographic. Images are one of the most effective types of content readers love to share, which means that content distributors love to use them in the pinnacle of all content images is the infographic. The best Infographics include data on certain topics or simple ways to solve a problem.

  • Consider titles like 10 ways to keep your lawn green
  • Data that proves the power of Facebook ads

Whatever you do, create an infographic with a focus on applicable tips or reliable data. Not sure how to begin. You can use a program like Canva to create one for free or a higher graphic designer on Fiverr 99 designs to make something for you.

Once the infographic is complete, email it to a list of niche sites with high domain authority. Ask if they would like to share it with their audiences.

The 4 Tips for Getting More Backlinks

To get more backlinks is to search LinkedIn for contributors to massive publications. These writers have published their work on websites with high domain authority.

  • Simply go to LinkedIn and search for the term contributor. You'll get a whole list of people who write for the different publications.
  • Narrow your search down by typing contributor and then adding the publication you want a backlink from. 
  • The next step is to reach out and begin building a relationship. Craft your message in a friendly manner and they may reach out to you for help in the future. 

Our final baffling tip is to write testimonials, make a list of business partners, customers, or other trustworthy websites that allow you to write a testimonial, and include a link back to your website within that testimonial. Yes, it's that simple. Each testimonial will renew a backlink. This was a small amount of work for such a big payoff.

Try some of the tips mentioned in this article and you'll see an increase in backlinks within the next 30 days. Check out more of the pskathait. in for additional resources on link building. Do you want more backlinks for your site but you don't have the time to do it? We can help book a free strategy session. By clicking the link below.

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