SEO Tips For Beginners: Rank #1 on Google in 2023

SEO Tips For Beginners: Rank #1 on Google in 2022
If you're having a hard time increasing traffic to your business website, then I'm so glad you clicked on this article because today I'm going to explain what SEO is, how you can use it to grow organic traffic to your pages, and the best SEO tools that you can use to help you reach your goals faster.

Whether you're a beginner or just need a refresher on SEO. Entering high on Google then In this article, we're discussing SEO Tips For Beginners that will help you Rank #1 on Google in 2023! SEO does not have to be intimidating or difficult if you are a beginner and want to learn how to optimize content yourself. We're sharing tips and tools that you can start using today to set your business up for success.

What is SEO? 

SEO stands for search engine optimization. What is a search engine? Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Bing are all examples of search engines that people use every single day to find answers to what they're looking for.

  Why is so important as SEO is important  

This is how you better rank your content online and build a successful business. When you rank better online, it boosts your credibility and gives you more opportunities to turn prospects into paying customers for your brand. 

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, I want to tell you guys about a Website that helps but that's completely free to you and will really help you guys out. When it comes to SEO, HubSpot has a course called SEO Basics that teaches you how to create the right SEO strategy for your business. The course takes a total of some minutes to complete and at the end, you'll have a worksheet where you can plug in your business goals and perform an audit of your website's SEO authority. Your SEO authority is.

Basically just how a platform like Google or YouTube ranks your website or your channel on their platform. There are a lot of different factors that go into how they rank you. So things like your 

  •   Click-through rates  
  •   Traffic numbers  
  •   View count  
  •   Subscriber count  

These are all things that help them decide how to rank your answer gesture content to people online. I feel like this is an obvious point to make but in order to rank you have to be consistent with your content. So if you have a blog you can't post once every month and expect search engines to rank your content in their top ten search results. The HubSpot course is very beginner-friendly and goes more in-depth on this.

So in order to rank, you need to have a good understanding of what keywords or key phrases you're going to go after with the type of content that you're putting out. 

So say you just started a blog or a YouTube channel that's all about your nontoxic beeswax candle business. You'll need to optimize each piece of content with the right keywords. That person would be searching for. There are millions of candle businesses out there.

  How can you be more specific to get your content seen?   

  • Let's say your candles are non-toxic
  • Made of beeswax
  • Hand-made in Virginia. 

  You can build detailed long-tail keywords or key phrases from those facts that will help you rank higher in search of your target audience.  

Long-tail keywords like ( hand-made nontoxic beeswax candles ) or ( Best nontoxic beeswax candle brands in Virginia ) will get your content recognized faster and rank better for people searching for this type of candle by being niche specific you'll improve your traffic numbers and overtime you can start to use.

Broader keyword. It's like best candles or nontoxic candles and still has your content rank because you've already established your authority on these search engines.

Moving on, you may be wondering, how do I know what keywords are should be used? As a beginner, I am so glad you asked. You can use free tools or pay tools that will help you find the perfect keywords. One free tool that you can use is to answer the public.

  For example;  

  if you search non-talk that candle brand it'll show you exactly what people are searching for. You can turn those results into key phrases on your page to optimize it.  

Another free hack that you can use as putting your keyword or phrase into Google and scrolling all the way down to the bottom and then there you'll see other suggested keywords that people search for regarding your topic and you can use those as well.

There are dozens of paid tools out there, but today I'm going to use the MOZ Keyword Research Tool if I. Your topic and you can use those as well.

Moz Keyword Research Tool

So if I search for non-toxic candle brands, the results are going to show me the monthly traffic of people searching for this so I can see whether competition is high or low for this keyword it shows me the difficulty of ranking in the top ten search results for that keyword.

SEO Tips For Beginners: Rank #1 on Google in 2022

  They suggest that if this number is over 40 then it's going to be pretty difficult to rank and you might want to pick a different word or phrase to use.  
  It tells me the organic click-through rate for that keyword and lastly the priority score out of 100, which basically combines all the other metrics and lets me know if this is an overall good keyword for me to use.  

It also has keyword suggestions that I can use as well as a SERP analysis which shows me the results of that keyword that aren't completely organic, so results that have ratings or Google ads on them, etc. Using an SEO tool like this will help a ton when it comes to planning an SEO strategy for your business and article. From think, Google says it might sound simple, but focusing on small incremental changes to a website's overall SEO strategy really can produce noticeable gains over time.

HubSpot has a great tool called the complete SEO Starter Pack. This is going to really simplify understanding SEO for you and teach you how to increase it. Traffic in 30 days. So as I begin. Enter this tool will be very helpful to use since it goes over important yet simple things like focusing on your title links, your meta descriptions, and the quality of your content.

Optimize Your Content

Speaking of quality, you want to make sure that your content is optimized for users. The first thing I think of when it comes to this is when I searched for a recipe online and the blog owner has written their entire life story before telling me what the recipe is. Immediately I'm clicking back to Google. And finding a different recipe that gets to the point quicker. Don't let this be you.

If people are not getting the quality that they're looking for immediately and clicking out of your page, Google ranks you lower because it reads this action as people not being interested in it. And if you work an easy way to ensure that this doesn't happen to you is by ( optimizing your meta description ) your meta description is the snippet on the Google search results that users see first before clicking on your site. 

And another thing to pay attention to is your page structure. Make sure that your content isn't cluttered and overwhelming for users to read. Another guaranteed way for people to click off Fast.


SEO doesn't have to be hard, but it can be time-consuming and that's why a lot of people like to hire SEO specialists that take care of all these nitty-gritty details for them. As a beginner, that isn't really necessary. Annual definitely be able to gain traffic if you use these tips to optimize your content. 

  The two HobSpot tools that I mentioned earlier will really be a huge help and set you up for success, If you use those tools, provide consistent quality content and use the tips that I talked about today, you'll reach your goals in no time.  

I hope this article was helpful if you guys enjoyed it, don't forget to give a comment. Alike and make sure you're subscribed if you aren't already. If you have any questions, leave them down below in the comments section. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you next time. 

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