SEO and How it Works: Rank #1 on Google in 2023 ( How is it Changing in 2023 )

SEO and How it Works: Rank #1 on Google in 2022 ( How is it Changing in 2022 )
With the advent of the Internet and the world domination of search engines such as Google, you've probably already heard of the word SEO one or two times, and now it isn't even close to the meaning of SEO. Well, worry not because we're here to the rescue in this article will be answering the questions. What is SEO and How does it Work? How is it Changing in 2023? 

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

That is what the acronym SEO stands for, Jason Bernard says, and I quote it, it refers to the process of improving your site, organic traffic, and ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, and others search engines. Ensure it helps you stay on the top and relevant in search engines. 

It's a strategy to make sure that people actually find your website, as emphasized by Jamie's outing. All search engines look for elements such as titles, tags, keywords, image tags, internal link structures, and inbound links. All backlinks as well as site structure and divine visitor behavior and many other external factors.

SEO: How it Works

They are search engine bots that collect data for algorithm and review. The index is based on hundreds of ranking factors. Here they'll be able to figure out what goes where on the CRP or the search engine results page.

  In simpler terms;  

  • You know how when you search for stuff on Google like where to buy cute necklaces or something like that?

  Well, the order in which things pop up isn't just a coincidence. It works on data analysis and some more magic that makes SEO so important, more so than more.  

Actually brings three traffic to your site. It also then Matt SEO actually brings free traffic to your site. It also has a lot to do with the content you put out. So if you publish high-quality pages that really hit a user's curate, then you're well on your way to being on top of that SCRP.

There are two factors you should be familiar with when it comes to and that is ranking and visibility. They are both responsible for delivering the main objective of work, which are traffic and domain authority.


  • The order I was mentioning a while ago as determined by ranking the rankings are really rapid though and can change instantly due to factors such as content competition or algorithm changes.


  • Then we have Visibility, which is basically used to describe prominence. Although the peculiar term, higher visibility equates to more prominence in SCRP, and lower visibility equals less prominence.

How do we Improve our SEO?

According to BACKLINKO, they are some quick-win tactics that might do you good for 2022. Number one published research content search engines are there for data and two love data loggers, journalists, and content. Creators, even for this video I have vast in the glory of research content, so you may want to venture into publishing content like this.

  Creating Visual Content  

The thing about the Internet is that we are attracted to visual plus before contact. With that said, visual content is a thing hit nowadays apparently.87.5% of marketers right now capitalize on visual content for their marketing efforts.

We also can't discredit the fact that it is 2022 and social media is rising in numbers more than ever. So I guarantee you nothing can go wrong if you focus on getting your visuals to fight.

There are many more such. Optimizing your podcast show notes for SEO building backlinks as a podcast guest and publishing content hubs. But the best SEO two out there right now is definitely VIDELY.

This digital marketing tool is a cost-effective way to get top rankings. Wants your page to rank number one with a stream of targeted visitors in 60 seconds. Yes, it is that good. Make sure you check them out. I'll be putting that link in the comment down below.

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