SEO Trends in 2023: SEO is Constantly Changing ( Future of SEO )

SEO Trends in 2022: SEO is Constantly Changing ( Future of SEO )
SEO is Constantly Changing, and in 2023 we need to make sure we take a few things into account. The first is google's passage ranking update. Today, we're going to talk about some SEO Trends in 2022 that you need to know about to be successful in 2023.

What is the Passage Ranking Update?

This update was actually launched in 2021, but it's going to be as relevant as ever in 2022, so this update actually allows Google to rank specific sections of your content directly on the index before this update, glue was used to only understand the topic of the page as a whole. But now it can break down long-form content into a variety of sections, and each of these sections can have ranking potential.

Google is telling us that they understand long-form content a lot better, so long-form content could even perform better in 2023. The second thing is that now that we know that each section in our long-form content could have ranking potential, we need to make sure that we organize our content as best as possible to make sure they will understand all the different sections that we have in our content. 

  SEO Authority in 2023  

So authority in the issue used to be exclusively tied to link building. So that has definitely changed going into 2023. I am not saying link building is dead. I definitely think that building should be a huge priority inside your issue strategy. But there are a lot of other things we need to take into account to have a successful SCO strategy in 2023.

Becoming a Reliable Source

  EAT ( expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness )  

At the end of the day, Google wants to rank reliable sources on their index, but how do they know if you're a reliable source? Or how can we convince Google that? We're a reliable source.

So the 1st and main thing is that if you aren't an expert on the topic that you're writing about, you need to hire one. The content always needs to be extremely high quality, and it needs to be written by an expert that knows exactly what they're talking about. But here are some other things that we can do to improve our EAT.

  • #1 You need to have a complete about page talk about exactly who you are. 

Why you're doing this project? What's your objective? What's your mission and especially talk about all the people that are working on a project? It definitely helps to add links to social profiles or to LinkedIn or to personal websites or portfolios.

  • #2 make sure you have an easy-to-find contact page.
  • #3 make sure you're adding reputable references and external links to your blog posts to a number.
  • 4. Make sure you have a privacy policy and terms of service that are easy to access. 
  • #5. Make sure you connect a real author to each blog article that you're writing.

What I mean by this is, that every time you publish A blog article, make sure there is an author attached to that blog post and that users can go in and read about that author on a specific author page within the author page. That author should basically talk about why they're reliable sources and why there. Authorized to speak about this specific topic. This is especially important if you're in the health niche.

  • #5 we need to get backlinks from authorities in our niche.

This is easier said than done, but we need to think a little bit outside the box. How can we collaborate with that big competitor? That link from that authority in this space is going to be a really important signal for Google to trust you.

  Are you topically relevant?  

The second topic that I want to talk about within authority is topical authority. So to put things simply, how much have you written about a specific topic and how does this compare to how much your competitor has written about that same topic. The more you write about a specific topic, the more topically relevant you will be. So if you're serious about ranking. For that topic D to produce as much content as possible to take over that topic bubble and make sure that you've covered everything.

Video is Taking Over

So video is going to continue to grow as it has been doing for the last few years and this is a two-part. 

 So number one,  YouTube is going to continue to take over Google search. On Google to take a look at a simple keyword like how to carve a pumpkin, we see that the first thing we see is a video and most likely this is going to satisfy our user intent because we're going to see exactly how it's done and we're not going to Scroll down and see other options. So YouTube is going to continue to take over those search results.

 The second thing , is that the traffic within YouTube and inside YouTube is going to keep growing as well. It doesn't matter what nature in if there's traffic on Google for the nature targeting, there's most likely traffic on YouTube. So if you aren't creating video content in 2023, you're going to start falling behind. It's super important to go out to create that YouTube channel. And to be present regardless of the niche.

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