Who are we?

We are an expert team.

What service we provide?

We help you succeed through an SEO Strategy that tells the simple language that works to convert successfully successful prospects into happy customers.

How many years have we been making such a strategy?

We are working on this strategy for almost 6-7 years and many of our students have learned from us and have become successful today.

Do we accept guest post?

Yes of course we accept guest post and we provide high quality backlinks to our readers and our customers through guest posting.

Does blogging generate leads?

High-quality, well-researched and SEO-optimized blogs are linked to search engine algorithms and direct your potential customers to your website. The expert content writers on our platform know how to do it the right way.

Do blogs facilitate professional communication?

Yes, blogs help a brand in many ways. They allow you to educate, update and provide all relevant information about your brand to your target audience. So, yes, blogs facilitate professional communication, because with the help of blogs, you can reach a large audience at a time.

Are your writers specialized in blog writing?

Yes, we only work with experts who have strong proficiency in branded content writing, and have to go through a thorough evaluation and vetting process.

Are blogs good for business?

Blogging effectively will help you capture and engage with new and existing consumers while also attracting and nurturing leads. Your website blogging activities can provide the most beneficial results for your business if done properly. Blogs boost SEO, attract customers, and keep sales on track.

How much does it cost to hire a blog writer?

A quality blog is an investment for your business. Paying a nominal fee for overlooked content is not a smart long-term investment. On the other hand, paying more for a blog that brings in new business over the years is well worth it. If you decide to hire a blogger, you can consider anywhere from $50-$200 or Rs.700-Rs.1000 per blog to see tangible benefits in the long run. The cost also depends on the number of words and the experience of the blogger.

How do you choose a blog for guest posting?

Our vision is to come up with high quality articles on trending topics. This helps us get our guest posts approved on top-notch blogs and websites that are already known for their online presence.

How is your network or blog?

No, we do not have our own blog network, but through years of experience, we have managed to build a strong relationship with some of the best blogs in various fields; This, in turn, helps us to publish guest posts on highly authoritative blogs.

Do you offer any wholesale discount?

You bet - we do! All large orders of 100+ guest posts are eligible for wholesale discounts, and they can go up to 20% based on monthly quantity.

Do you use any personal blog network of black-hat SEO strategy?

We certainly hate web-spam as much as Google does; Therefore, we never use any dirty SEO tactics, nor do we believe in creating any links from spammy sources. Therefore, we never use any private link network.

Who can benefit from your guest posting package?

Through our services, SEO agencies and independent web masters can avail and give their client websites the right kind of reliable link juice that they deserve.

How can we contact you?

You can contact us with the help of the given url,( www.pskathaitabout.co.in ) this is the most trusted member of our team, you can trust them to move forward your conversation