What is Anchor Text and How to use it?

What is Anchor Text and How to use it?
Search engines like Google consider backlinks as top ranking factors. Backlinks can boost your SEO as long as you're building them correctly. In this article, we're going to discuss Anchor Text, which are the words or phrases made clickable in the link. 

Anchor Text, Tells Google and users what linked pages are about. Therefore, the Anchor Text needs to be relevant. The anchor text appears clickable. Content or in between the tags in HTML. 

Many websites will use keyword-rich anchor text to boost their rankings even more. This can work, but it is also considered one of the most abused SEO strategies. In 2012 Google came out with the Penguin update that punishes sites with an unnatural amount of keyword-rich anchor text. This is known as over-optimization. 

How to Use Anchor Text 

Your anchor text is diverse to ensure you are not a panel. There are actually many types of anchor text for you to use. Exact match anchors are the keyword while blended or partial anchors typically use a long-tail variation by mixing into other phrases. Brand anchor texts include your company name like Half Naked URLs should the actual address like HTTPS://WWW.PSKATHAIT.COM

Many companies add the nine anchors like the words click here or learn more. Linking an image with no text is another example and it does factor into SEO. Doesn't matter which of these you choose, but you need to ensure things look natural. Don't overuse one type of anchor text over the other. Unfortunately, there is no anchor text. The ratio for us to share plus who keeps updating the algorithm. 

We recommend always building many different types of anchor text. They are diverse across your site. The good news is you don't need to manually check all of your anchor text to find out if they are in good shape. 

AHRFS.COM is an easy way to check all of your anchor texts on your website. Simply go to inbound links and select anchors. You'll be able to see anchor text distribution. This can help you keep your anchor text balance and explore more of a hops learning hub to find out how we handle both internal and external links and how to get more links to your website.

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