Content Strategy for SEO: Basic Content Strategy for Beginners

Content Strategy for SEO

Once we find a solid keyword, then we'd like to create content and rank for that keyword, and the content is typed quite closely to the on-page. This Article I want to talk about. The basic Content Strategy for SEO and everything we need to know about the content. 
The main questions revolving around content in SEO are what do we prioritize? How do we organize ourselves? What goes first in terms of content, and how often should we be creating content? 

The homepage should rank for your brand

Our home page should rank for our brand, but ideally, we also wanna be ranking for a very powerful keyword. Those keywords that are tied very closely to our business, the really obvious ones, that's probably a keyword that you should sprinkle throughout your home page, specifically in relevant headings like H1 and H2.

  That's definitely going to help Google understand that we're also trying to rank for that very powerful Keyword.  

  Why do we do this?  

As our website grows, we're going to organically start to gain more authority. In this case, I'm specifically talking about backlinks as we get more backlinks, we're going to see that what's usually the case is that a lot of these backlinks end up pointing to the home page and so we need to be smart about the authority that we gain to our homepage.
We obviously want to make sure that it's properly optimized for our brand, but we also want to try and rank for a very competitive keyword since that authority to our home page is just going to grow.

Landing page content

What services are you guys offering? What products are you selling? Software, whatever it is that you're selling or that you're offering, we need to create a page for each of these services, each of these product categories, software, whatever it is, and we need to be creating landing pages for these services.
This landing page content is actually extremely powerful and it's something that people often forget. A lot of these keywords will convert extremely well. So think about all the different services, products, and anything that you're offering. See if there's traffic for it and if there is, create a landing page that has perfectly optimized content for it.

Your blog will scale your SEO

We cannot forget the blog. The blog is that secret superpower every single website has that most people don't realize. So it really doesn't matter what type of business you're in. I think there are very, very few scenarios where I would recommend not starting up a blog and targeting informational keywords.

  Why the blog is so powerful?  

We're an eCommerce website, right? So we've made sure that we have an Immaculate site architecture. We have category pages that are perfectly linked to subcategory pages, and those are really well connected to product pages everything makes sense everything is perfectly done. 
But the problem is that we're limited by the pages that we've already created. You've basically capped the amount of traffic that you can get with the landing pages that you've created, You can't really create landing pages for products that you don't offer. That's not going to go very well.
  How do you target keywords that are related to your business?  
  • That might have some application or might have users that are interested in your business.
  • But just don't know it yet. Well, this is where the blog comes in. 
  • If you run a successful, well-built blog, you can target. 
  • Those informational keywords are a little bit higher in the funnel and you can rank for them.
The magic here is that once you have people on your website, ideally you're targeting keywords that are still relevant to your business and we can do is you can funnel those people over to other parts of your website where they can convert.
  A perfect Example  

A furniture store that has already developed a phenomenal commerce that's already bringing them a solid amount of traffic. But on top of that traffic, they've also built A blog that talks about interior design.
This blog then ranks for interior design keywords. It gets users that are interested in interior design. Those users are being exposed to the type of furniture that this website is selling and with a couple of calls to action, you can guide those users over to e-commerce where they can buy your products.
A blog is what really helps you scale your SEO and a blog is where you take your SEO to the next level. So please do not Ignore it.
What's the order of priorities?
  • If we're starting from scratch, we need to put in a lot of effort on that home page. 
  • Make sure it's properly optimized not only for your brand but also for that main keyword.
  • We want to target any landing pages that talk about services, products, or anything that we're offering, we want to find the right keyword. 
  • We want to create content for those landing pages. 
  • We need to develop a content strategy for the blog.
I recommend at least posting one high-quality blog a week if you guys want me to break down SEO content strategies further with specific use cases like eCommerce and websites definitely go check out the link in the Comment box.

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